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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2-3 weeks into the pro days...

And a lousy late 7th round comp.  Eh, we got Beachum as a 7th round comp, so there's that.

Anyhow, Ive been working on this all night, and Ive come to realize 1 thing...

I really wish we didnt draft Curtis Brown.  Hes put this funk in my head re Texas CBs.  That said, we interviewed one at the combine (though Im not a fan), and just like the drafting of Shark (trading up using a future 3rd rd pick- asinine) but alas, Im here to be realistic.  And I have yet to get an offer to work for the Steelers front office, though in the last month or so theyve brought in 4-5 players I had tagged as picks in their draft years.

That said, here we go (short write up below grid as usual)...

3/24/15 First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round Fifth Round Sixth Round Seventh Round Seventh Round
PD W COMPS 22 54 87 121 160 198 239 252

OVERALL RATING 26 70 106 83 151 166 189 231
2014 +/- -4 (+9) -3 (+38) -77 (+61) (+54) (+54)
2013 +/- -1 -27 0 -4 (+27) -21 (+62) (+62)
2012 +/- (+14) (+16) 0 (+21) (+34) TRADED -129 -129
2011 +/- -5 -18 (+26) -48 (+85) (+4) -176 -176
2010 +/- -13 -24 -82 (+38) -73 -110 -91 -91

22 KJ- this isnt changing.  Ever.  Height, speed, fluid hips and hands.  Also looks to play better in off man with the WR in front of him.

54 Kikaka- we need power and speed, essentially the opposite of JJ, at OLB... or as theyre called now- EDGE.  This kid is insane on film.  Outside arc, inside swim, sometimes even a bull rush- he does it all.  Just gotta put a brace on that left knee.  2 ACL tears in under 2 years.  

87 James- Due to Bengals and Ravens getting a mess of comps in rounds 3 and 4 we MUST draft for BPA/NEED within our 1st 3 picks.  Haley and Munchak were at PSU pro day, as well as our meeting with him at the Combine.  He looks a lot like Speath as a pass catching threat.  Not to mention hes kind of a local boy... and Tomlin loves that.

121 Jarrett- once again, we interviewed at least 2 or 3 3 tech DTs at the combine.  So somethings cooking.  While Jarrett is smaller at 6'1 300 some teams may not know where to use him.  His pass rushing skills are very good, and reading the play is also a plus especially when seeing a toss or screen outside. 

160 Golden- Im unsure if his rating will remain at 151 for long due to his running the 40 again at his pro day, but Ive had my eye on him for months now.  MT took him and Ray to dinner before their PD.  BTW, Ray is this years Jarvis Jones.  Buyer Beware!!!

198 Hickey- met with him at the combine as well as being taught on the side by Tunch.  He can flex thru the Oline, and might be best as Fosters heir.  I hope Tunch can work out the stiffness in his kickslide.  To be honest I prefer Cincy's LeFeld or WVU's Glowinski.

239 Diggs- Ugh.  Damn Longhorns.  On tape he gets the job done both inside and outside, he even started at FS for a couple games, but the reviews of this kid worry me.  "Will get beat in the slot but double moves", "doesnt play to the full length of the field".  But if his tape and his numbers hold true he could be Gays replacement in a year or 2.  We also met with him at the combine.

252 Goodley- if nothing else the comp pick does allow us to double dip at both CB and OLB while leaving the comp itself to chance.  We were at the Baylor PD and really all they had are 2 WRs, Goodley and Norwood.  Goodley is more MTs type as hes 4.4 speed and has played outside as well as in the slot.  It actually looks like he enjoys the slot considering hes rarely caught from behind.  Hes also a kick/punt returner.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Players of interest from the EW Shrine Game w mock...

There were 9 players that caught my eye today.  I have DVR'd the NFLPA game and will watch that later tonight.  Most of them are late round/UDFAs but of those 9 players there were 2 that really caught my interest as potential Steelers...

Terrance Magee, RB LSU
Darius Kilgo, DL Maryland
Sean Hickey, OT 'Cuse
Martin Ifedi, DL Memphis
Josh Shaw, CB USC
Damian Parms, SS Florida Atlantic
Derrick Lott, DE TN Chattanooga
Anthony Chickillo, DE Miami
Bryce Callahan, CB Rice

McGee caught my eye from the first snap of the game.  Hes only 5'9 but at 218 he can take a hit.  His cut backs were impressive and just enough get away speed to get thru the next level.  LSU also uses RB by committee so being Bell's backup wouldnt be new to him.  He can also return kickoff and punts, as well as play in the slot as LSU had him as a WR for his Sophomore year.  This is yet another better option than Dri Archer.

Chickillo is my "elephant" in the room.  With Butler taking over our defense I have read mumblings that not only will he allow our OLBs to be more aggressive and rush the QB (as opposed to dropping into coverage way too often) that he is also interested in using the Packers "Elephant" or the Seahawks "Joker" packages.  This essentially entails a DE to be in a 2 point stance and rush the passer free, as well as drop into coverage.  Both of those teams are in the NFC Championship game BTW so its probably not a bad idea.  That said I truly think Chickillo can do that.  To be safe I checked with my co-blogger and he agreed.  And at certain times in the game today he showed me he could.  As the DE Smith from Kentucky pressed on the other side, Tony had a stunt inside, forcing the QB back the other way.  While the QB alluded Smith, Tony wrapped back around THE ENTIRE OLINE to force a throw away pass.  (For those of you Yinzers yes Id love to see Heyward do this too, but we have to be real here).  Anyhow, we need depth at both the 5 tech DE and at OLB.  On top of that Tomlin has had the tendency to draft multiple LBs.  So why not draft 2 with 1 pick???

Going forward I am going to try to limit my mocks to the base 7 picks until the comps are announced.  Please see the 7 round mock below.

1/17/15 First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round Fifth Round Sixth Round Seventh Round
EARLY TEST 22 54 86 118 150 182 214

OVERALL RATING 45 78 95 141 193 238 241
2014 +/- -4 (+9) -3 (+38) -77 (+61) (+54)
2013 +/- -1 -27 0 -4 (+27) -21 (+62)
2012 +/- (+14) (+16) 0 (+21) (+34) TRADED -129
2011 +/- -5 -18 (+26) -48 (+85) (+4) -176
2010 +/- -13 -24 -82 (+38) -73 -110 -91

22 Williams, TE Minnesota- unless a safety like Collins from Bama, OLB Fowler from Florida or CB Waynes from MSU fall, Im locked on this kid as the pick.  Hes a pass cathcing Heath Miller.  Nuff said.

54 Golden, OLB Mizzou- a solid tweener with speed to rush and weight to stop the run.  Plus more than 1 rushing move.  Ya hear that JJ?

86 Grant, CB Ohio State- a solid dependable CB that is probably best as a #2 in most defenses that treat their 2ndarys like gold.  But we dont.  And that probably wont change anytime soon.  So he, Gay, Tez (I have faith) and McCain would be solid together.  Plus you can add this guy into the mix...

118 Hackett, FS TCU- a real safety.  Not the fastest tiny man on campus, but a big solid coverage safety that can flex inside to the slot, play the run in the box and call out alignments over top.

150 Chickillo, DE/OLB Miami- our new Elephant.  He can learn the Dline from coach Mitchell and the OLB from Coach Peezy??  TBD.  Either way, 2 positions filled w 1 pick.

182 Lefeld, OL Cincy- like I said before, hes a bigger white Beachum.

214 Magee, RB/KR LSU- a dependable backup RB that has flexed to the slot and can return punts and kicks.  Not quite a scat back but certainly enough talent to give Bell a breather.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The UPDATED 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft

With the the website DeShawn and I use to calculate the draft positions updating today, some of the numbers just didnt work out correctly with the prior mock.  I also did the math on the possibility of us gaining comps.  I figure a fair "educational guess" are three, a 3, a 6 and a7.  Also something about the mock overall wasnt sitting well with me.  Upon further review I figured out I wasnt wearing my Tom-Bert hat.  Therefore, some things needed to be changed.  Not by much mind you, but enough to make this a real Tomlin/Colbert draft.

The 54th pick HAD TO CHANGE.  We were not picking not 1 but 2 CBs before any OLBS chosen.  Thats just not how we roll.  So, that, along with the addition of picks 151, 183 and 184 I made these changes.

1/6/15 First Round Second Round Third Round Third Round Fourth Round Fifth Round Sixth Round Sixth Round Seventh Round Seventh Round
EARLY TEST 22 54 86 87 119 151 183 184 216 217


OVERALL RATING 45 77 108 ESTD 100-115 136 133 165 207 239 425
2014 +/- -4 (+9) -3 -3 (+38) -77 (+61) (+61) (+54) (+54)
2013 +/- -1 -27 0 0 -4 (+27) -21 -21 (+62) (+62)
2012 +/- (+14) (+16) 0 0 (+21) (+34) TRADED TRADED -129 -129
2011 +/- -5 -18 (+26) (+26) -48 (+85) (+4) (+4) -176 -176
2010 +/- -13 -24 -82 -82 (+38) -73 -110 -110 -91 -91

22 Maxx Williams TE Minnesota- noted by some as the best TE in the draft he meets quite a few of the requirements of our staff.  Big Ten, Junior, Offense's turn (D 3 years running), can block and also catch.  Hes been a redzone threat most of his career while being a solid in line blocker.  But its his separation and soft hands that could make him a true heir to Heath.  He also does this under the big lights:

54 Markus Golden, DE/OLB Mizzou- the SEC had to ramp up their offensive pass coverage when this kid and Ray lined up on the ends.  Much like the former Oregon pick, this kid is a total tweener, 3 point and 2.  While hes not as threatening as Ray, he is scary enough to mind your Ps and Qs against him.  This is the speed and power the Steelers hoped for in JJ.  Its what they thought they had in Worilds for $10mil this year.  3rd times a charm.

86 Doran Grant CB Ohio- This kid could be what we thought Dennard was (and what Colbert thought GIlbert was but he sucks ass).  Big Ten, size, speed, hands, off man and plays for national championship team, not to mention LeBeau's Alma Mater.  

87 Chris Hackett FS TCU- Mike Mitchell should watch game tape of this kid.  Takes proper angles for tackles and picks, plays in the box just as well as overhead, and sets up all 2ndary with positioning.  Oh, and he doesnt need a booster seat at 6'2 195.

119 Henry Anderson, DE Stanford- some idiot in the front office let Mauro walk.  We also lost the ogre from Stamford but I could care less about him.  Cam Thomas proves we need depth at the 5 tech, so why not revisit Stanford?  He already as the NFL size needed and after comparing his stats to Mauro... damn, take a look... Henry has almost as many tackles in his senior year as Mauro had in all 4 years, not to mention the sacks..

Defense & Fumbles

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TacklesDef IntFumbles

Defense & Fumbles

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TacklesDef IntFumbles

151 Josh Shaw, DB USC- up until he jumped, was pushed, fell off a 3 story balcony he was probably a low 2 early 3 pick.  Hes position flexible to CB FS and SS, plays the run very well, has decent speed, size and quick hips.  But then he kinda fucked up and lied.  Ive read his response to the LA Times and I got 1 thing from it.  He took ownership of the mistake.  I did it.  This was why.  "And if I do or dont play football ever again, I thank USC for the shot.  This isnt the typical 5th round CB we normally target as this ones been a starter since being a freshman at Florida.  He will fall some due to his mistake.  And I say we catch him at 151.

183 Titus Davis, WR Central Michigan- As soon as I added the comps I knew I was targeting a WR in the 6th round.  Heyward Bey is UFA, and Moore isnt really wanted anymore, nor is former 6th round pick Justin Brown.  So why not go to where weve had the most success in finding WRs.  Central Michigan.  Wanna know about this kid?  Take AB, add 2-3 inches, speed him up by .10/40 and TADA!!!  This pick will give us solid depth at WR as well as a solid KR/PR to allow AB to rest.  BTW, his jersey number?  84.

184 Marcus Murphy, RB/OW Mizzou- once again, much like the Golden pick, this is what was expected of a former draft pick.  This is what Haley wanted from Dri, and never got.  Frankly I just think Dri is too light.  And yes we have signed Perkins to the PS, but he can truly be a Special Teamer/KR with Davis while this kid can be just what I said- an offensive weapon.  He was origianlly used solely at RB until this year when the coaching staff thought outside the box and lined the fucker up in the slot.  Think of how Bell juked Mosley out his jock a few weeks ago.  This kid does that ever singe play from the RB, WR, and KR spots.  Hes a threat.  Plain and simple.  Plus at 5'9 195 he wont shatter to the ground when touched.

216 Eric Lefeld, OL Cincinnati- I call him "the bigger, whiter, Beachum".  Both are book smart, with their nose in the playbook AND working on their technique.  The same dipshits that let Mauro go also put Wes out on a fishing line only to be scooped up by the Jets.  While Eric does not have experience at center as Wes did, he has been solid at starting left tackle for the last 2 years.  The best part about him is his kickslide.  Its the Anti-Adams.

217 Cole Stoudt, QB Clemson- Ive already tweeted Bryant to tell MT and Colbert about him, but I have to think his dad would make sure we know about him.  The Russell Athletic Bowl showed me a solid team leader with total control of the offense and a sooooo sweeeet deep ball.  Oh yeah, and his dad played for us too.  This isnt just Landry's competition, its his replacement.  With 2-3 years behind Ben I truly think this kid can be "super".